Anglo-Norman Durham 1093-1193

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In quotations from the account rolls, apart from monetary values and units of measurement where li, s, d, ob and q have been retained for pound, shilling, penny, halfpenny, farthing; and qrt, ras, celdr, burc and cure have been retained for quarter, rasarium, celdrum, burceldrum , and curceldrum , the Latin has been extended. Where no secondary reference is given, the information has been taken from the original account roll, and where the account roll is clearly specified in the text, no additional reference is given in the footnotes.

The dating of accounts is done using C. Numerous examples are contained within J.

Wilson, J. Bloom and S. Wilson and C. Hamilton ed. Harvey, Manorial Records London, , p. Bailey ed. Searle and B. Kirk ed.


Hockey ed. Kershaw and D. Visus compoti, insuper, tocius administracionis omnium officialium domus coram senioribus de capitulo, ad hoc per priorem vocandis, annis singulis fiat in Paschate, et reddatur finalis compotus in Natali : W. Brown ed.

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Dobson, Durham Priory — Cambridge, , p. Knowles, Religious Orders , vol. Salter ed. DPBR , p. Greenwell ed. Prestwich eds , Anglo-Norman Durham — Woodbridge, , pp. Fowler ed. An outline of the origins of the system of tithing and of its rigorous enforcement is provided in J. Oldroyd and A.

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Edwards and S. CrossRef Google Scholar. Ex quibus abbas brevem teneat, ut dum sibi in ipsa assignata fraters vicissim succedant, sciat quid data ut quid recepit : J. McCann ed. Parkes and A.

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Kerr London, , p. Such a function was specifically defined at the Council of Lyons in , when it was stated: Computaciones vero conscripta semper in thesauro ecclesiae ad memoriam reserventur, ut in computacione annorum sequentium, praeteriti temporis et instantis diligens habeatur collatio, ex qua superior administrantis diligentiam vel negligentiam comprehendat. Tanner, Decrees of the Ecumenical Councils , vol. Bloch, trans. Manyon , Feudal Society , vol. Peden ed. DCD, Loc.

XVI: 2c; J. Pullan, The History of the Abacus London, A survey of tally types and their use is provided in W. For example, Quod octavo die Januarii mandatum fuit magistri Willelmo de Kellawe, receptori nostro Dunelmensi, quod liberaret Andreaede Brumptoft xxvi libras : T. Hardy ed. Prestwich, R.