Born to Battle

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Born to Battle (feat. Andrea Storm Kaden) è tratto dall'Album Power-Up

The things we would face would test our will to survive and our faith. Heck, everyday life tests our faith, can you imagine how much more it would be in those extreme situations? Take it from one who spent the last two years in the heads of a group of characters traveling through the zombie apocalypse, nothing was easy.

I like to think that when the time comes I would do what is necessary and be able to still keep my faith.

Sailing Uma— Battle Born

But I know the guilt and the uncertainty would nag at me every day. To make it through those times—those struggles—a person would have to become Battle Born. Anyone see any similarities yet? We do this in our own lives, every single day. By that very definition we are all Battle Born.

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It takes strength, courage, and compassion for us to accept life as it is and move forward, but it takes more than we have in us. It has to come from a difference source.

We cannot get through the apocalypse or even our own lives without Him. And with Him, we can make it through anything—even the end of the world. From my desk to yours,.

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Joshua C. March 4, The Brother's Creed. Share on Facebook. Share on Twitter. Featured Posts. The End of the Creed. July 9, A Change in the Blog. July 8, Headed to Alaska My Interpretation It's more of a warning about what the life of a war hero can be like. You go in, fight, and win glory for your side, but there's always a chance you'll slip and fall. I really think the singer is talking to someone older than himself; this war hero has fought for a long time, and is wanting that one last battle.

The singer is warning him that there really is no glory in dying. No Replies Log in to reply. Rate These Lyrics. Log in now to add this track to your mixtape!

2020 Battle Born “250”

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A streamlined, fast-paced silent B-Western, this Tom Tyler vehicle was one of several oaters featuring a very young, still brunette, Jean Arthur. Unbeknownst to Morgan, there is oil on the property and it is up to ranch foreman Tyler to catch the villain before he can get the deed notarized.

The stalwart Tyler does just that and wins the love of Arthur in return. Tyler's usual sidekick, juvenile actor Frankie Darro, was joined by Buck Black, a toothy ten-year old who had played a young Theodore Roosevelt in Lights of Old Broadway Harry S. Feb 5, Reliable Pictures Corporation. Tom Tyler as 'Cyclone' Tom Saunders.

Grand Magus-Born For Battle (Black Dog Of Brocéliande)

Jean Carmen as Betty Powell. Earl Dwire as George Powell. Julian Rivero as Pablo Carranza. William Desmond as John Brownell. Jean Arthur as Eunice Morgan.

Battle Born H.O.G Chapter

Richard Alexander. Ralph Lewis. Ben Corbett. Jimmy Aubrey. Hank Bell.