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Sign In. Access provided by: anon Sign Out. Developing managerial and digital competencies trough BIM technologies in construction industry Abstract: Information, knowledge and skills are in the current digital economy very important. The individual skills of managers in many cases represent a competitive advantage over other companies.

Developing managerial and digital competencies represent one of the main conditions for success construction company.

Nowadays, there are many ways of developing managerial and digital competencies. A not-for-profit organization, IEEE is the world's largest technical professional organization dedicated to advancing technology for the benefit of humanity. Use of this web site signifies your agreement to the terms and conditions. Personal Sign In.

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For IEEE to continue sending you helpful information on our products and services, please consent to our updated Privacy Policy. Email Address. Sign In. Zezlina suggested that managerial competencies can be developed by formulating tailor made programmes for diagnosing and Vol. She also suggested that competence development requires interpersonal support, facilitating an individual to develop their vision, to diagnose their current status, and to develop plans for their future activities. However Daloisio and Firestone emphasized that simulation technique can also be used in competency development.

Managerial assessment of proficiency

The study also found that the changes in competency requirements are greatly dependent from development stage of the company itself. The findings of the study of Young and Dulewicz support an integrated approach to leadership and management selection and development. Boyatzis found that emotional, social and cognitive competencies predict effectiveness in professional, management, and leadership roles in many sectors of the society.

The study of Dreyfus revealed that highly effective managers demonstrate interpersonal ability as compare to average peers. The study of Koman and Wolff revealed that emotional intelligence competency of the team leaders is significantly related to group norms of the team they lead and the team performance is depend on emotional competent group norms.

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Hopkins and Bilimoria found that there was no significant level of difference between male and female leaders on the basis of using social and emotional competencies. They also found that successful man and women leaders demonstrate similar social and emotional competencies.

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New identified three discrete categories of competencies: i job specific competencies ii general management competencies iii corporate specific competencies for the success at job. To him, each of these can be measured to evaluate a particular competence one possess and the high score for that competency performance in that Vol. Nwokah and Ahiauzu found that there is a strong relationship between the managerial competencies of an organisation and its marketing effectiveness. Each managerial competencies component contributes to the marketing effectiveness depending upon their relative influence on the specific marketing effectiveness dimension.

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Jokinen describes global leadership competencies as the universal qualities that enable individuals to perform their job outside their national and organisational culture, no matter what their educational or ethnical background is, what functional areas they serve, and what organisation they come from. They also put forward that competencies like foundational systems, material management and diagnostic efficiency are very important for MAMP managers, while competencies such as competitive strategies, assertive leadership management, project management, and transformational leadership are relevant for every level of management.

In fact these are the competencies of an individual which take the individuals and institutions to newer heights. Competent employees of the organisations are less prone to absenteeism, shirking, deviant work place behavior and as a whole act as sincere employees and responsible citizens. This type of responsible behaviour of the employees has diversified managerial implications where the employees work with full commitment and dedication helping in producing quality products at lower costs. They develop helping and performing attitude through which industrial relations remain calm and the furtherance of good governance by them encourages healthy, humane and responsible organisational, social and national behaviour.

In nutshell competent managers are the real assets for any organisation and for any country. It is completely beyond the scope of a paper to cover all aspects of managerial competencies. The present study only covers few aspects of managerial competencies up to some extent. It is quite evident from the review of above research studies that in India, very limited research work has been done Vol.

This area offers many opportunities for the researchers and the future researches can be conducted in Indian context which otherwise has remained a less researched area in the country.

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The themes correlating competency and performance, competency and innovation, comparing competencies in high performing and low performing organisations, competency profile of successful business leaders etc could be some of the research areas for future researches. The management performance is largely depends upon the set of competencies a manager possess. The performance of a manager is influenced by their job related knowledge, experience and personality characteristics. The US approach defines competency as the underlying attributes of a person. We have also found that it is very important for a business organization to assess the competencies of its managers and to determine skill gaps.

It will help the organization to develop effective training and development programs to enhance the competencies of its managers. One can learn and develop competencies through study, practice, and feedback. Abraham, S. Barber, C. Boam, R. Boyatzis, R. Cheng, M. R, and Moore, D. Chye L. Cockerill, T. Comutto, A.

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