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Absolutely love this song.

That high note by one of the background guys gets me every time. What a great story it tells. This song will always and forever give me mad chills. Is this the first one? I think it's the same audio as yours, just with the singers also. That's the first one I found a few years ago and I still listen to it regularly. Wonderful stuff! He's holding the note with the lead while the rest do the chorus adding to the overall effect. Note it's the younger guy in green you only see past way through and not the old man looking down.

I also love White Squall so much.

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I've been pretty hooked on Harris and the Mare lately. It isn't as lively a song, but I love the story. That song was mandatory learning for a troop leader in the regiment in the late 90s. You were expected to be able to lead it, or the lads would never respect you. I like the Due South version. Hey Fun Fact Singing this at any time prior to the conclusion of a voyage was tantamount to mutiny.

It's like playing "Closing time" at 6pm in a bar. You should check this out. It is actual navy sailors singing from the masts of a tall ship as it enters port. I love sea shanties and found this on a rabbit hole one day Space Shanty starts at Oh boy have I got a surprise for you. There is a whole hidden genre merging folk and sci fi.

Here's my favourite space shanty. It makes space travel feel real. It reminds me of looking out into the water at night and just seeing the roiling black. I imagine looking out to the horizon and seeing that same black. Knowing that somewhere there is land, but the distinction to you is meaningless. Some space shanties posted a few years ago. The rest of the thread is worth a look too. First one I ever saw on reddit. I legitimately have a playlist full of shanties and nautical themed songs because of Sea of Thieves and this is one of my favourites in it.

Leave Her Johnny

It's Tom Waits who you should look up if you don't know who he is. He is singing the main vocal and nearly all the backup vocals. The only other person singing in this song is Keith Richards from the Rolling Stones. I've sailed with this ship, though only for 5 days and not 3 months. One of the managers of the Statsraad Lehmkuhl Foundation has a master's degree in shanties, so they taught us shanties underway.

What you're seeing in that clip is cadets at the Royal Norwegian Naval Academy returning to Bergen after 3 months at sea, I can't remember if it was part of their degree or if it's more of a graduation tradition. I used to pick up high school girls like they were free candy, but after years of experience it got unbearably hard I guessed right before clicking.

Kimber's Men are really great. And their version is not so "clean", I like it much better. The Dreadnaughts though! Ive just been triggered to go through Black Flag for the 4th time. This time, im getting all the shanties! I honestly thought the video was some guy named Johnny's friends singing him a song to get her to leave his girl.

Oh if you like sea shanties you should check out The Fisherman's Friends , they're amazing and great fun live!

Dublin Gulch | Irish Music From Butte, America! | Music : Leave Her Johnny (Live)

Bully in the Alley is my favorite shanty. I wonder if there's a female version of this. I sung Downeaster Alexa in Linlithgow, Scotland and every man joined in but the women in the pub seemed confused. I can just imagine a huge group of salty Sailors singing this out while disgruntled about getting underway during WW2. Good find. If you like this kind of stuff, theres an old podcast I used to listen to here. My friends and I were in theatre in high school as our elective.

The whole atmosphere of it was fun though and the guys grew close. During rehearsal one day, someone mentioned that sailors were often stagehands back in the day, and that's why theatre has a lot of superstition. Someone also mentioned pirate shanties, so I started belting out ones I remembered from Black Flag. Pretty soon, guys are joining in, so you have a bunch of guys singing Leave Her Johnny, Drunken Sailor, and Randy Dandy O as they pull ropelines and nail setpieces together.

Very nicely done. My favourite sea shanty is Barrett's Privateers by Stan Rogers.

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These songs are perfect for where I live. I live on Long island and we have a sailing and fishing history.

Leave Her, Johnny - Sea Shanty. Assassin's Creed IV Black Flag

We even have a tall ships weekend every summer. A tall ships is actually making it's home at one of the docks here.

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