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Zadra concludes that "the political rhetoric and vision of the movement seem to continue a long-standing political position in the Catholic world -- that of returning the Roman Catholic Church to its traditional role of political power.

Paul Mariani: In the Verses of a Friend

My purpose in exploring CL is not to demonize the movement or the new pope, but rather to piece together a fuller picture of Francis by exploring in a little more depth an organization with which he has an enduring relationship. Those who hope Francis' humility indicates he may decentralize Rome's authority or relax the demand for absolute orthodoxy to the pope may want to read more about CL's understanding of the papacy. Those who believe that Francis' criticisms of his fellow bishops indicates he may embrace those who are critical of some of the church's positions should be aware of CL's belief that the individual conscience is beholden to the church.

Those who are convinced that Francis' zeal for the poor and marginalized will lead him to engage the secular world without the broader agenda of "evangelizing" it ought to learn more about CL's belief that the church's authoritative truth is binding on all of society.

On this last point, Pope Francis actually tipped his hand in his brief opening statement on the evening of his election. Just before he asked the people to pray for him, the new pope said, "My hope is that this journey of the church that we begin today, together with help of my cardinal vicar [of Rome], be fruitful for the evangelization of this beautiful city. Whether Pope Francis will have better luck than his predecessor in evangelizing Europe remains questionable, especially given the church's track record in his native land.

Although Cardinal Bergoglio encouraged his flock to join political campaigns against same-sex marriage, Argentina became the first Latin American country to pass marriage equality in And as The Associated Press reported Wednesday evening , while Argentina's 33 million Catholics account for more than two-thirds of the country's population, fewer than 10 percent attend Mass regularly. CL's organization and ideology may be mighty in Italy, but time will tell whether it can achieve global influence -- and what role Pope Francis might play in wielding it.

Manson received her Master of Divinity degree from Yale Divinity School, where she studied Catholic theology and sexual ethics. Go to this page and follow directions: Email alert sign-up. Send your thoughts and reactions to Letters to the Editor. Learn more here. Join now.


Blog Grace on the Margins. One of Pope Francis' allegiances might tell us something about the church's future.

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Email address. Sep 22, Jesus the crafty steward Sep 21, Abuse crisis, leadership failure seen having impact on church giving Sep 21, Sep 21, Follow ongoing coverage of today's global climate strikes Sep 20, Quick Reads Jurors deadlock in trial of priest accused of molestation Sep 17, Papal commission for protection of minors meets again in Rome Sep 16, South African bishops: Government must protect women, girls from murder Sep 13, Update: Court allows Trump administration to bar asylum-seekers for now Sep 12, Archbishop Hebda to oversee an inquiry into bishop's handling of abuse claim Sep 11, Woman bishop talks compassion, rather than ordination May 9, Filmmaker seeks answers in Simone Weil Mar 13, CL encourages appreciation of the arts and of literature, and it emphasizes the need for a personal encounter with Christ.

The reverence of the Tridentine Mass, and the emphasis on the Eucharistic sacrifice, the union of heaven and earth at the moment of consecration, and the encounter with God as we receive Him in Holy Communion are all things that the charism of Communion and Liberation either directly speaks of- or that creates a mindset that makes us more receptive to those things.

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I think you have pinpointed with what I struggle the most with CL. Do you know of any other lay groups where the liturgy is their focus? Regional lingo. They lack clarity, are hardly traditionally Catholic, and rarely mention God directly. One lay member even showed us a picture of him in Italy with a monstrance on a kitchen table that they were adoring. I do not think this is allowed even if it was on a mission.

  • One of Pope Francis' allegiances might tell us something about the church's future.
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  • Communion, Liberation, and the Beauty of Ordinary Faithfulness.
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  • Quoted below is an email I sent out to CL members. It was inspired by one CL member asking if I want to go to mass for Mgsr. This is what I thought, and still think about CL:. Ever since my first experience of School of Community, CL has seemed to me to be a faction in the Church, almost not even in the Church.

    Should not Holy Mass satisfy our weekly desire to worship Him most profoundly, or is it not enough, necessitating School of Community? Should not we worship Christ, not Fr. It is disturbing to me how much more frequently we mention Giussani than scripture, works of popes, or writings of saints like Aquinas and Augustine.

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    Here is what a reviewer on Amazon. It reeks of a Modernist, anti-Catholic theology, and it has not been approved by a bishop to be free from doctrinal error i. For example Giussani says:. It is a phenomenon that concerns human reality and therefore cannot be studied as a geological or meteorological event. It involves the person.

    How then must we conduct our inquiry? The sentiment, which was at first only rudimentary and almost formless, gradually matured, under the influence of that mysterious principle from which it originated, with the progress of human life, of which, as has been said, it is a form. This, then, is the origin of all religion, even supernatural religion; it is only a development of this religious sentiment. Nor is the Catholic religion an exception; it is quite on a level with the rest; for it was engendered, by the process of vital immanence, in the consciousness of Christ, who was a man of the choicest nature, whose like has never been, nor will be.

    Does this sound like Giussani? Well, continue reading what Pope St. And yet, Venerable Brethren, these are not merely the foolish babblings of infidels. There are many Catholics, yea, and priests too, who say these things openly; and they boast that they are going to reform the Church by these ravings!

    There is no question now of the old error, by which a sort of right to the supernatural order was claimed for the human nature. We have gone far beyond that: we have reached the point when it is affirmed that our most holy religion, in the man Christ as in us, emanated from nature spontaneously and entirely.

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    Than this there is surely nothing more destructive of the whole supernatural order. Geremia, if anyone is still reading this thread, I was very interested in what you wrote! I am inclined to share one of your hesitations in your first April post…in my experience CL is very, very Giussani-centered, and I tend to shy away from cults of personality like this. The others in CL have been equally delightful human beings.

    Communion and Liberation? Geremia January 10, , am 1. Geremia January 11, , pm 4. Geremia January 12, , pm 6. I do not think Communio is its official magazine. Traces is, though. That is quite an understatement…. Freshman88 January 13, , pm Although I should share this concerning liturgy… Over a year ago a few friends of mine wanted to have a traditional mass for all the students our city has.

    Geremia January 14, , pm That is great! Geremia April 14, , pm This is what I thought, and still think about CL: Ever since my first experience of School of Community, CL has seemed to me to be a faction in the Church, almost not even in the Church. Geremia April 27, , pm