Stabat Mater, No. 10: Fac ut portem Christi mortem

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In his lifetime, Carissimi apparently displayed extraordinary ability as a composer and musician, matched only by an equally extraordinary lack of ambition. He was offered several prominent posts during his tenure in Rome, including succeeding Claudio Monteverdi at St. Carissimi is generally attributed with having contributed to the development of recitative, the chamber cantata, and oratorio, of which he was the first significant composer; Jephthe, written between and , is an exemplar of this genre.

Relatively little is known about the early life of Giovanni Felice Sances ca.

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He received training at the Collegio Germanico between about and and spent a period in the employ of Pio Enea degli Obizzi, to whom he dedicated two volumes of cantatas in Sances was appointed vice Kapellmeister in and in , succeeded Antonio Bertali as imperial Kapellmeister, a position he held until his death a decade later.

During his service in Vienna he was active as a composer of sacred music, opera, sepolcri, and secular chamber music. He excelled at vocal compositions on ostinato harmonies a repeating pattern in the bass line. Though set to a sacred text, his Stabat Mater is an excellent example of this type of cantata, contrasting an unusual chromatic ostinato—one of the earliest examples of the descending chromatic tetrachord ostinato that would be used again and again by composers such as Monteverdi—against a florid vocal line that exploits the harmonic clashes, rhythmic asymmetries, overlapping phrases, and short breaks from the ostinato pattern that became the hallmarks of the ostinato aria.

He was named organist at the Accademia della Morte in and came under the patronage of Guido Bentivoglio. When the duchy of Ferrara reverted to the papacy in , Bentivoglio received a post at the papal court and took Frescobaldi with him.

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There Frescobaldi was admitted to the Accademia di St. Cecilia in and became organist at St. Maria in Trastevere in He accompanied Bentivoglio to Flanders in , where a set of his five-part madrigals was published. By , Frescobaldi seems to have left the service of the Bentivoglio family for that of Cardinal Aldobrandini. In addition, his fame as a keyboardist continued to grow, and he took various engagements while keeping his posts at the Vatican and with the Aldobrandini family.

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From to he was employed by the Medici family in Florence, and returned to Rome to resume playing at St. He took ill and died in amidst the chaos of the final years of the Barberini papacy of Urban VII. While he published some vocal music, Frescobaldi is best known for his keyboard works, which synthesized many older styles and combined dramatic passion with lyricism.

Bach among others. Bergamasca is one of two capriccios on secular tunes, and has no connection to the liturgy, so its inclusion in Fiori musicali is somewhat unclear. It is one of the highlights of the collection with seven sections elaborating four themes which are derived from a folk tune. Born in Venice, Natale Monferrato ca. While the position was awarded to Cavalli, Monferrato became a singer there the following month. In he was appointed maestro di musica of the Conservatorio dei Mendicanti in Venice, while in he was made vicemaestro di cappella of St.

Sheet music file 2. Sheet music file 8. The opening is simply brilliant, shivers all over my body. Upload Sheet Music. Publish Sheet Music. En De Ru Pt. Giovanni Battista Pergolesi. Piano-vocal score German and latin texts. Look inside. PDF, 2.

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Piano-vocal score Latin text. Piano-vocal score English text. Full score. Sheet music file Free Uploader Library.

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  7. PDF, 6. Piano score. PDF, 1. Movement I, for mixed choir. Will be available soon. PDF, For piano four hands. Aria di soprano dalla cantata "Stabat Mater".


    For 2 oboes and string quartet. Instrumental arrangement of the first movement of Pergolesi's Lenten Good Friday Cantata on the crucifixion of Christ, as seen by his mother Mary. The string quartet parts can also be played as a string orchestra. The sound sample is an electronic preview.

    The pdf contains score and parts.